Back to School Night Videos

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Parents & Guardians,

Below you will find videos created by our teachers for Back to School Night 2022. Just click on the course title to start the video. To know which teachers' videos to view, your student can guide you through their schedule of classes. Alternatively, you can view your child's schedule in Parent Portal. Enjoy!

Teacher - Last name, first Course title  Course title  Course title 
Ahnn, Brenda 7th Grade Science    
Bach, Dennis Directed Studies Practical World History  
Baldwin, Suzie Core History Honors History  
Benner, Jordan PE Department    
Dharman, Gregory Exploring Engineering Math 8  
Dietz, Erica Intro. to Digital Media Library  
Dinnocenzo, Jessica Art    
Doan, Vince PE Department    
Estrada, Azzie Honors English Reading Lab  
Granger, Megan Math 7 Math 7 Lab  
Grenier, Jason Music & Drama class audio link Music & Drama class informational presentation  
Haley, James English 7 Photojournalism  
Hartman, Reeve World History 7 WH7 "Movie Trailer"  
Holcomb, Kathy Guided Studies 7/8    
Horwath, Charity Practical Math Directed Studies  
Laky, Tibor Science 8    
Le, Nga Science 8 Robotics  
Leavey, Tim World History 7 WH7 "Movie Trailer"  
Liu, Erica Intro to Spanish Spanish 1  
Ly, Quyen Honors U.S. History Core U.S. History  
Prasad, Shirley Math 7 Media Literacy  
Richardson, Scott Math 8 Enhanced Math 7/8  
Ross, Micalea Directed Studies    
Sjogren, Diane 7th Grade English    
Smith, Andrew 8th Grade English    
Sodorff, Jamie 7th Grade Science    
Tateri, Juliette 7th Grade English 8th Grade English Writer's Workshop
Watkins/Holcomb Counselors    
Welch, Amanda Math 8 Math 8 Lab Enhanced Math 1