The goal of ASB (Associated Student Body) is to build leadership skills through planning school events to promote school spirit and to help the community locally and globally.




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Upcoming Events

Spirit Days

  • Women’s Heart Health Day/wear red (5th)

  • Wear green for St Patrick’s Day (16th)

  • Epilepsy Awareness Day/wear purple (26th)

We Are Silent

On Thursday, the 1st, ASB is doing in We Are Silent, creating awareness for causes of our choice. We will be taking a vow of silence during lunch. Participate by wearing all black and taking a vow of silence with us.

Clover Search

For the week of the 12th collect different colored clovers from hidden places around the school. Redeem prizes corresponding to the color of the clover. Turn them in to Mrs. Adoff after school in room 207.

Talent Show

The 23rd will be the talent show. Please come to support your fellow sharks! The talent show will be held in the MPR at 3:30. Tickets to get into the talent show will be $5 and it will be sold at the door. Popcorn and candy will be sold for $1 per item.

March Madness

On the week of the 19th, March Madness will be going on. March Madness is a basketball competition within the homerooms hosted by ASB. Each homeroom will nominate one person to participate going against the other 8th or 7th grade homerooms. At snack there will be one on one basketball games, whoever has the most points by the end of snack wins. The winner of the 8th grade competition will play Coach Doan, the 7th grade winner will play Coach Garcia or Mr. Lin. Both homerooms will receive a prize which is to be determined.

Walk For Water Challenge

Starting on the 5th we will have the Walk For Water Challenge. Donate money to your homerooms to give money to those in Africa in need of water. To have your homeroom participate in the water relay on the 28th your homeroom needs to donate at least $5. Each homeroom will nominate one person to represent their homeroom. We will have a water relay, the winning homeroom will get donuts the following tuesday morning. The last day to donate will be on the 23rd.


  • Minimum Days on the 12th and 30th

  • No Selfies Day on the 16th

  • St. Patrick's Day on the 17th

Newsletter Written By:  Megan Varnishung and Katie Park