Online resources are an important part of IUSD's commitment to providing the highest quality educational experience for our students. IUSD partners with educational software providers to provide personalized and engaging curriculum for students.


District-adopted software meets State (AB-1584) and Federal (FERPA) legal requirements and IUSD policy regarding data privacy. A list of this software can be found on the district’s Software Resources page.


All other online software programs and websites that South Lake teachers may use with their students are considered non-District adopted software; therefore, parent permission may be required. A list of this software for the 2017-18 school year can be found on the SLMS Non-District Supported Software page. For more information about IUSD's technology safety efforts, visit the Privacy and Digital Citizenship pages.


Non-District Supported Software 2017-2018

Software Name & Link to Privacy Policy Description Login details
(GAFE = student IUSD Google account)
BrainPop Animated movies, games, assessments, and activities covering Science, Math, History, English, Arts, and more For general school use: no info. needed, student uses school-wide login
For individual My BrainPOP account: Username/password
Classcraft Uses game mechanics to engage students and provide teachers with student progress GAFE/Facebook/email or generic username and password
Class Dojo A behavior management and parent communication tool for the classroom Not needed unless student desires to track his/her progress: Username/password Created and managed by a non-profit institution, it includes free coding lessons and online computer science courses Display name/email/password/age (GAFE account may be used)
Kahoot A free game-based learning platform used for informal quizzes and student review Teacher-directed to students: no info. only a session code
Student created: Username/email/password
Nearpod Interactive, multimedia slideshows that engage students and provide feedback Teacher-directed to students: no info. only a session code
Student created: Username or email/password (GAFE account may be used)
Newsela Access to hundreds of leveled news articles and Common Core–aligned quizzes that build reading comprehension For general school use: no info. needed
To join a teacher’s class: Email/password (GAFE account may be used)
Padlet A digital canvas to create student projects that are easy to share and collaborate on GAFE/Facebook or email and password
Pear Deck An interactive presentation tool used to actively engage students in individual and social learning Uses GAFE account (through Chrome)
Piktochart An infographic design app that creates high quality graphics Username/email/password (GAFE account may be used)
Popplet A free online tool that allows the user to create mind mapping and brainstorming diagrams Email address/password
Powtoon Cloud-based software for creating animated presentations and animated videos Username/password (GAFE account may be used)
Prezi Engaging presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships 13 years or older, username/password
Quizizz A game-based classroom response system, students can create and complete their own quizzes. Email/username/password or GAFE account
Quizlet Custom made, interactive flash cards, games, study modes and practice tests Account not needed for general use For student-created study sets: Username/email/password (GAFE account may be used)
Screencastify Video screen capture software used with Chrome Chrome extension (GAFE login)
ST Math Game-based instructional software for Math Lab students only Teacher creates student username & password
Storyboard That Web tool that helps users to create storyboards using a drag & drop interface Username/email address (GAFE account may be used)
Tab Resize Chrome extension that resizes tabs and layouts easily Chrome extension (GAFE login)
Tinkercad An online CAD tool for 3D design and 3D printing Email/password (GAFE account may be used)
WeVideo Tool used for creating, editing, and publishing videos Email/password (GAFE account may be used)
Yearbook Avenue Jostens' creation and planning software for Yearbook students only Teacher creates accounts; username/password can be anything+job #; email is optional