Mile Challenge 2021

mile challenge

Dear South Lake Families,

We are excited to announce our annual Mile Challenge Kick-Off ! It begins Tuesday, February 9 and runs through Friday, February 12, 2021The students will run the mile during their P.E. Class and win prizes.  This is our last major fundraiser of the year. It’s a great way to support our school and a way for students to challenge themselves physically. To learn about this amazing event check out our 2021 Mile Challenge Video from Mr. Kette.

Money raised through this event will be used immediately to continue funding programs and activities for the current school year including the Lunch Time Sports, 8th Grade Promotion, End of Year activities, classroom materials and more.

Our goal is for each student to try to raise at least $50, and of course, more is always welcome. Have students ask family and friends to donate and parents may even ask for matched donations from employers. Donations are entirely voluntary and we hope you will participate. 2021Mile Challenge Flyer.pdf 


     You can contribute directly on the South Lake PTSA website webstore:  


Prizes for 2020-2021 Mile Challenge

LEVEL ONE (Donate $50)     

Raffle Ticket                                   

South Lake water bottle   

Ice cream

Island's Certificate


LEVEL TWO (Donate $100)   

2 Raffle Ticket                                

South Lake water bottle              

Ice cream                                       

Island's Certificate

Play Plinko        

LEVEL THREE (Donate $200)   

3 Raffle Tickets                              

South Lake water bottle                 

Ice cream

Island's Certificate                            

Del Taco Gift Card

Play Plinko

Zoom with WHS Principal Krebs

The Great Raffle is Friday, February 19.

*BONUS: Return Donations by Feb. 10 to the FRONT OFFICE at South Lake to Receive DOUBLE RAFFLE TICKETS!*

Raising Canes Gift Basket                           SC Village Paintball Tickets

McDonalds Gift Cards                                 Urban Plate Gift Card

SC Village Paintball Tickets                         Aquarium of the Pacific Tickets

Del Taco Gift Cards                                      SC Village Paintball Tickets

Islands Gift Cards                                         The Stand Gift Card

San Clemente Outlets Gift Card          Black & Gold Golf Passes

Bobo’s Bars Gift Basket                            Gelson's Gift Card

Pedego Gift Basket                                      In and Out Gift Cards

Hydro Flasks                                                   Habit Burger Gift Cards



Thank you for being part of our South Lake family. We look forward to a great event!

Maya Kruger and Ashley Stephens, South Lake PTSA Mile Challenge Co-Chairs                               

Belinda Averill,  Principal                           

David Kette, Assistant Principal