Principal's Newsletter - September 7, 2018


Hello Sharks,

Since the beginning of school, our students have been learning our expectations for positive student behavior detailed in how South Lake Cares: Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Each Other, Take Care of Our School is carried out inside the classroom, inside the building and outside. To reinforce these positive behaviors, we hand out Shark Cards. Sharks Cards can be used to purchase items in our Shark Shoppe and/or used in weekly drawings for gift cards and small food items. There are some exciting items to purchase this year so please ask your student about this and how they are doing in their implementation of South Lake Cares.

Students have also been spending their Tutorial period in their Homeroom getting to know their classmates, our school practices, and building connections with their Homeroom teacher. Next week, we will be starting our Tutorial program. There are many purposes for Tutorial - students can get a head start on their homework, ask clarifying questions or for help from their teachers, work on a group project with classmates, make-up missing is a gift of time in your students day to get what they need. We will be reviewing best practices for using Tutorial and how to navigate these 26 minutes effectively before we start on Wednesday. Please refer to your student’s Planner for tips on how your student can use Tutorial effectively.

Thank you and ave a wonderful weekend...Go Sharks!

Belinda Averill 


David Kette

Assistant Principal


South Lake Cares- Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Each Other, Take Care of Our School

Stay Connected

As part of Emergency Preparedness Month this September, the District would like to remind our families that there are a number of reasons to stay connected to IUSD, including receiving important news and information about the District and your school on a regular basis. It is also important to know how to connect with IUSD during an emergency. Below are some ways that you can stay connected to IUSD in real time, 24/7. StayConnectedIUSD.pdf


Check your email, voicemail and text messages first

  • Please make sure your contact information in the Parent Portal is up to date.
  • If you unsubscribed from school or District emails, you will not receive important updates during an emergency.
  • To re-subscribe, please email


Important alerts and ongoing updates will be posted on the District homepage


The District posts real time updates and alerts on our social media sites

In the event of a school or districtwide emergency, please check these resources first. They are updated in real time and will help you get the information you need immediately. See the attached flier for more information.


In order for IUSD or our school to contact you via text message in the event of an emergency, we need you to "opt-in" to this service first. By enabling this texting feature, and verifying that mobile numbers in Parent Portal are correct, we are increasing our chances of reaching as many people as possible in case an emergency notification needs to be sent out.

It is easy to "opt-in" to receive text messages:

  • Text "Y" to 67587 from each wireless device you wish to receive texts on.
  • Not sure if you "opted-in" already? No problem! You can never "opt-in" too many times, just follow the step above.

For additional information, visit IUSD's Text Message Frequently Asked Questions page.

PTSA Reflections

The PTSA Reflections art contest is a wonderful opportunity for your student to use their art to connect to this year’s them of “Heroes Around Me.” The deadline is October 15th, please see the attached flyer for more information.

Reflections Info and Entry Form.pdf Reflections Theme.pdf

School Site Council

School Site Council is made up of students, parents, and staff who come together 4-5 times a year to review schoolwide improvement and the resources connected to these efforts. If you are interested in being a part of our Council, please email Mrs. Baringoldz at We meet after school on Wednesdays - our first meeting is on October 3rd.

Student Drop Off/ Pick Up/Parking Lot

Please do not use W. Yale Loop to pick up your student. We have a carpool line that starts along the sidewalk of the entrance of the school. Also, please have your student use the crosswalk on Thunder Run that has the Crossing Guard - crossing W. Yale Loop from Misty Run is dangerous. We are not permitted to direct traffic at the Misty Run crosswalk. It is best to contact Irvine Police Department should you have concerns or questions about this. Also, our campus hours with supervision are 7:00am (except Tuesday at 8:20am) until 3:10pm. Please DO NOT drop off your student any earlier than this as are not able to provide any supervision.

Upcoming Important Dates

September 12th - First Day of Tutorial

September 13th - Makeup Picture Day

September 26th - PTSA Meeting