South Lake Newsletter - October 16, 2020


Dear South Lake Community,

Please take time to review our upcoming events hosted by South Lake Counseling at Mental Health and Wellness Information. Through our partnership with Children’s Hospital of Orange (CHOC), we will be hosting two very relevant Zoom parent events: Anxiety, Depression and the Impact of COVID, and Building Resiliency in Youth. All parents are invited to attend – the details are located on the Mental Health and Wellness Information Flyer. Also included are links to helpful resources about stress management, academic supports, self-care, coping skills, and community mental health. We strongly encourage you to review these resources and then let us know what else you are interested in hearing and learning about. There is a link in the flyer to be able to provide feedback to our Counselors…thank you!

Have a great weekend…go Sharks!



Belinda Averill



Calendar Updates

Please make note of the following calendar updates for November.

November 9th

Cohort B (per 1,3,5)

November 10th

Cohort A (per 1,3,5)

November 11th

No School

November 12th

Cohort A (per 2,4,6)

November 13th

Cohort B (per 2,4,6)

November 23rd 


VIRTUAL (per 1,3,5)

November 24th


VIRTUAL (per 2,4,6)

November 25th

No School

November 26th

No School


November 27th

No School



It's IPSF Giving Day! Whether you are at school, learning virtually from home, or out in the community, IPSF wants to see you rock your orange today in support of educational excellence in Irvine! Help IPSF reach the goal of 150 donations in 24-hours! It is only with your support that IPSF can provide educational excellence for each child in every school. All donations today will be matched, dollar for dollar, by the City of Irvine. Give today to double your impact


IUSD COVID-19 Reporting Instructions for Families
If your student(s) is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, it must be reported to your school through your secure account in the Parent Portal. Please follow IUSD reporting instructions. IUSD schools and staff will maintain confidentiality and protect student privacy, following all FERPA protocols. We would like to remind you that if anyone in your household is in the process of being tested for COVID – please keep your student home and notify the front office immediately.


Health Screening
We are relying on you, parents, to use this 
Health Screening Checklist on a daily basis with your child. Please reinforce the importance of hand-washing, physical distancing and face coverings at all times. If your child has any underlying health issues, please schedule an appointment with your pediatrician to talk about risk factors for vulnerable children. If a member of your household tests positive for COVID-19, please keep your child at home and contact your school for guidance. Finally, if your child has any symptoms associated with the coronavirus, please make sure they stay home and get tested if necessary. Keep children home when they are sick.

Spanish - Daily Home Screening Checklist

Korean - Daily Home Screening

Japanese - Daily Home Screening

Farsi - Daily Home Screening

Chinese Traditional - Daily Home Screening

Chinese Simplified - Daily Home Screening

Arabic - Daily Home Screening       


Upcoming Dates

October 27th – Anxiety, Depression and the Impact of COVID Parent Engagement (See flyer) 

October 28th – PTSA Meeting