2018 Mile Challenge

running shoe

We are excited to announce our annual Mile Challenge Kick-Off begins Monday, February 5 and culminates on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 when students will run the mile during their P.E. class and compete for a prize. This is our last major fundraiser of the year. It's a great way to support our school and a way for students to challenge themselves physically. If you come to cheer your child on, you wil be awarded additional raffle tickets (see attached flyer below - over 30 RAFFLE PRIZES PLUS TEACHER RAFFLE PRIZES). The Great Raffle is Friday, March 2.

Money raised through this event will be used immediately to continue funding programs and activities for the current school year including the Talent Show, Open House, Promotion Dance, Yearbook, National Junior Honor Society and more.

Our goal is for each student to try and raise at least $50 and, of course, more is always welcomed. Have students ask family and friends to donate and even ask for matched donations from employers. Donations are entirely voluntary and we hope you will participate.

Thank you for being part of our South Lake family. We look forward to a great event.