Residency Verification

Forms due to homeroom by 2/23/18
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Dear Parent or Guardian:

The Irvine Unified School District will once again require residency verification for all IUSD students enrolling for the 2018-19 school year. This process is an annual legal requirement in California and it helps our district ensure that all available resources are spent efficiently and effectively to the benefit of our Irvine families. Moreover, these additional steps will help provide a full and precise accounting of our student population as we review staffing for the coming year.

By completing the following forms for each of your students, you will be making a formal declaration that your child lives within IUSD’s attendance boundaries.

Click here to view electronic versions of the documents available as part of the residency verification process. Also, hard copies are available at the school site upon request. Completed residency forms should be turned in to your student’s Homeroom teacher by February 23rd. Students will not be able to register for classes for next year without completing this process.

  • If you are considered a co-resident (you and your family are living with the owner or renter of your residence), please also note the “Co-Residency Supplemental Form.” This documentation must be completed as part of the Residency Verification and Affidavit Forms by parents or guardians who share a home with another family or individual.

Should you need a copy or have any questions, please contact the front office at 949-936-6700. Click here to view complete information on IUSD's Student Services page.