South Lake Newsletter - Nov. 15, 2019


Hello Sharks,

Our Mission Statement reads as follows, “At South Lake, students will become intellectual risk takers who persevere within a safe, yet rigorous learning environment to navigate college and career options with confidence, skills, and diligence.” Why take risks? For adults it’s to continuously discover our full potential through reflection, refinement and action based on the results of the risk. So what does it mean to be an intellectual risk taker for students? For some students it is raising their hand in class to participate, being uncomfortable with not knowing the outcome of a learning experience but confident enough to still take the chance. For others it means learning from their mistakes, using feedback and making changes to move forward. It can also mean taking a different perspective, trying something new, or problem solving a situation independently. Middle School is when the adolescent brain is developing these skills so it’s optimal for your student to practice intellectual risks and become comfortable taking them. At South Lake, our students are coached to:

  • Persevere through a challenge.
  • Identify what they know, are still learning or need to know.
  • Problem solve in different ways and be flexible with their thinking.
  • Know it’s okay to make a mistake, recognize it, and grow from it!

This may not be how we, as parents, learned in school, but research shows adolescents are more likely to engage in learning when there are opportunities to wrestle with open-ended questions, model their thinking and apply their knowledge to something new, and to stretch their thinking. With the end of the trimester today, this is a great opportunity to check in with your student about their intellectual risk taking skills, how they are coping with problem solving and encouraging your student to take an intellectual risk that they haven’t before!

Have a wonderful weekend…go Sharks!


Trimester 2 Schedules

Students will receive their schedule for Trimester 2 on Monday during Homeroom. Please know that your student’s schedule may change for a variety of reasons. We do our best to keep students with the same teachers but it’s not guaranteed. Students will not be able to change their elective unless it is a repeat or a mistake on our part. Thank you for your support with this!


8th Grade Parents – We Need Baby Pictures for Yearbook

The Yearbook staff would like to create a collage of 8th grade baby pictures. Please submit a photo along with the name of your student to before Winter Break (beginning Dec. 21). Thank you!


After School Tutoring

We are thrilled that high school students from the Joy Club at WHS will be coming to South Lake to tutor students after school, every week. Tutoring will take place in the Media Center from 2:45pm – 3:30pm every Tuesday. Ms. Watkins, Counselor, will be there to assist as well.


Youth Action Team – City of Irvine Programming

City of Irvine is hosting tons and tons of new opportunities for South Lake students to get involved. The following classes and programs are currently being offered on for South Lake students:

Musical Theater Workshop: Honk! Jr.

This is a 10-week course where we will work together to memorize, rehearse, and produce an entire production of “Honk Jr.” Participants will have the opportunity to experience auditioning and rehearsals as well as learn the fundamentals of musical theater. Musical Theater Workshop Flyer - Honk 2020.pdf

UCI Nuclear Reactor Tour (11/ 22)

Students will be going through a guided tour of the UCI Nuclear Reactor Facility and receive an educational presentation which includes information on how the reactor works, safety, the environment, and fuel storage and radiation protection. UCI Nuclear Reactor Tour 11.22.pdf

Teen Camp Disney (11/27)

Wednesday, November 27th all IUSD Students are invited to sign up for our Teen Camp Wednesday at Disneyland. Cost includes admission, transportation and supervision. Teen Camp Disney Fall 19.pdf

South Lake Singing Sensation (12/10-12/14) REGISTRATION OPENS NOVEMBER 15th

Do you love to sing? Hear your voice loud and proud with other kids who love to sing! Practice the art of spontaneity! Dust off those pipes! Shake a leg! This class is for you! All levels welcome. Class will focus on ensemble, team-work and boosting self-confidence. Performance at OC Festival included. South Lakes Singing Sensation 12.10.pdf

See attached flyers for more information – registration is open!


Off-Campus Behavior

Our expectations outlined in South Lake Cares: Take Care of Yourself, Each Other and Our School are very specific and clear around use of respectful language and appropriate behavior. Please remind your student that these expectations are to be carried out when in the community – we expect you, as parents, to reinforce how your student’s behavior represents not just our school but your family when visiting shopping centers and parks around Irvine…thank you!


Street Safety

Please remind your student to wear their helmet when riding a bike, scooter or skateboard. Also, we expect students to follow safety guidelines when crossing the street. This includes looking for cars, waiting for the crossing guard and using appropriate crossing areas. We are concerned that students crossing at Blue Lake by Meadow Park are not using the appropriate areas to cross which are extremely unsafe.


Upcoming Dates

November 15th – End of Trimester 1

November 19th – After School Tutoring

November 27th – 29th – Thanksgiving Break

December 2nd – Minimum Day