Meaningful Use of Technology

Meaningful use of technology

With the growth in both staff and student skill to embed technology, and availability of devices for access, South Lake deliberately aims to create learning opportunities with technology that will enhance student learning and expose them to real world situations. We constantly evaluate student needs and performance within academic standards in order to facilitate change towards empowering students and improving learning experiences through technology. South Lake is also dedicated to teaching digital citizenship to students and expected norms of behavior when using technology. 

The essential capacities that we strive to build for our students are:

  • Knowledge - The ability to access, navigate and evaluate large quantities of information for research, and operate safely in cyberspace
  • Communication - Preparing students to receive feedback from teachers and peers, as well as, develop and deliver engaging presentations
  • Problem Solving - Encourage risk taking when solving problems, asking questions, and demonstrating learning through creating and not consumption
  • Relationship/Interpersonal Skills - Collaborate effectively, have respect for one another and their work, and demonstrate ethical behavior

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