Registration FAQs

At South Lake We Believe…

  • Each student is unique with a variety of capacities.  
  • In establishing high expectations while providing high levels of support.
  • In preparing students for the rigors and expectations of high school and beyond, both academically and emotionally 
  • In modeling and rewarding students for their academic growth, behavior and citizenship.
  • In building strong connections and meeting students where they are at. 
  • In allowing your student to take charge over their own success and growing their independence!

South Lake Middle School FAQs

1. What classes do 7th grade students enroll in?

All 7th grade students enroll in Language Arts, World History, Science 7, Math 7 or Enhanced Math 7/8 (based on 6th grade recommendation - notified in May of student’s placement), P.E., and 1 Elective (some students will be enrolled in an intervention class based on assessment scores, grades, and/or teacher feedback). Health is taught as part of the Science 7 curriculum and parents will receive more information about Health over summer. 

2. What is Shark Time? 

Shark Time is twice a week for 42 minute sessions where students have the opportunity to select an academic enrichment, interest-based enrichment, receive social/emotional support, or use the time for an academic intervention. Students are surveyed before the start of the school year to rank their preferences. Our teachers make recommendations for students for support in Math, Science or Homework.

Shark Time Opportunities

Academic Enrichment





National History Day




 Advanced Art

Rock/Jazz/Chamber Music

Set Design (Musical) 


Vex Robotics



Community Service


Strategic Gaming

Film Critics



Competitive Sports


Workability (SPED)

Skittles Squad

Campus Beautification

Sole Sisters

SEL Groups



Math Support

Science Support

Homework Support

English Language Lab

3. What is The Reef? 

The Reef is our WellSpace which is accessible for all students and staff. The Reef provides culturally competent resources and activities to support all students in managing their physical, social and emotional health, while improving educational outcomes. The WellSpace mission is to provide a welcoming, accessible and purposefully-designed environment that reduces stress, fosters equity and inclusion, and gives students access to: our Counselors and Mental Health Specialists to welcome students, coordinate services and provide available resources, evidence-based stress management tools, mindfulness strategies and related resources, and healthy snacks, a hydration station and soothing teas. We LOVE this space! 

4. What do students wear for P.E.?

Students are required to change clothes for P.E. and will need to wear appropriate attire. You will be able to purchase South Lake PE uniforms during registration at the beginning of the school year. 

5. What is the climate like at South Lake Middle School?

At South Lake, we believe in South Lake Cares - Take Care of Yourself, Each Other, and Our School. We teach students what it means to care in all areas of our school. Our PBIS team has fun events throughout the year to reward students for their positive behavior like the Shark Shoppe, Carnival and Raffles. We have over 90% of our students who have identified at least one adult on campus that they would go to if needed. While there are typical middle school behaviors, students meet and exceed our expectations every day. 

6. How can my student get involved at school?

There are many academic teams, and arts and athletics, for students to extend their learning. 

Enrichment Opportunities


PTSA Reflections Essay Contest

National History Day Competition

Holocaust Art & Essay Writing Contest


American Math Competition            CyberPatriot

District Science Fair                             Vex Robotics Competitions                  C-Stem Competitions                          UCI Science Career                               


Winter Bowl                        Harvest Cup

Hoops Classic                      Irvine Junior Games

Lunch Time Sports            Volleyfest


Winter Musical                                      Honors Concert

PTSA Reflections Art Contest           Recitals

Local Art Competitions                       High School Music events

7. Are there opportunities for G.A.T.E. identified students? 

We provide academic extension and enrichment for all students in Language Arts, History and Science classes. G.A.T.E. students are not required to participate in these opportunities. 

8. What academic supports are available for students?

During the school day, we have academic  intervention classes for students. We use multiple measures including student performance, work habits, teacher recommendation etc. to enroll students  in Reading Lab or Math Lab. Shark Time is another structured time in the day for students to receive academic support. Teachers provide in class opportunities for students to improve their learning, such as test corrections and/or retakes, where all students are encouraged to use. Counselors are always available to support! 

9. What if I don’t get my first elective choice?

Students rank their electives in order of preference and we do our best to have every student get their first choice some time during the school year. There are three trimesters and not all electives are offered at the same time which makes it challenging to get all your top three choices. Exercise a growth mindset and you might enjoy something you didn’t think you would. 

10. What are lunch food options for students?

Students are able to bring their own lunch and/or snacks to school. All students  are eligible to receive free lunch at school as well.  Please visit Nutrition Services webpage at  for more information. All students eat outside by the lunch tables and play on the blacktops or field. Students must bring lunch or use the food service options at school –  restaurant lunches are NOT permitted at school (no drop off allowed.) 

11. Are there lockers for students to use during the day?

All students are issued a P.E. locker to store their uniforms and shoes. We do not have lockers for school books. Students are issued a set of textbooks to keep at home. 

12. How can I stay up-to-date with my student’s progress?

All teachers use Canvas and/or Google Classroom for their course that is updated regularly with assignment calendars and resources. Parents and students are encouraged to check the Parent Portal regularly for information about grades. Click Here to learn about how to view grades in Aeries.  The school website has a calendar of events posted as well as regular updates. You will receive a Newsletter from the Principal weekly. Follow us on Instagram @southlakemiddleschool. We also recommend joining our PTSA! 

13. How can my student manage their own success at South Lake?

Students have their own Canvas and Aeries accounts where they can check assignments and progress in their classes, access resources and keep track of their grades. Middle school is an important time for students to become advocates for themselves by communicating to teachers and staff when they need assistance or are struggling with something at school.  Lastly, students should plan to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep per night, and stay off their electronics a few hours before going to sleep.  

All students will receive a STUDENT PLANNER to use daily. The Planner is a valuable resource and includes a weekly calendar for students to fill out their daily assignments, subject specific information, student handbook for rules and expectations, school map, bell schedule and How-To Documents. We use our Planner Dive expectations to assess student’s use of their Planner weekly during Homeroom. 

14. Does attendance matter?

Studies show that attendance does matter- being at school on time and every day is important. Please avoid scheduling vacations or appointments while school is in session – see the school calendar for the 2024-2025 year on South Lake’s website. We ring a warning bell to get to class at the start of the school day and then a final bell when class starts, arriving after the second bell is recorded as a tardy.  Students will be issued consequences for excessive tardies. 

15. Will my student receive a Chromebook for the school year?

Yes, your student will receive a district Chromebook to use at school and at home. It will be checked out at the beginning of the school year. It will be your student’s responsibility to take care of the Chromebook, bring it to school every day, and charge it for use the night before.  The district offers Chromebook insurance and can be purchased at any time. 

16. How can I access technology support?

Usually your student can ask for help from teachers and technology staff when on campus. However, if you need additional assistance or information, you can either check IUSD’s Student and Parent Resources or send an email to IUSD’s Help Desk at


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